Divided By Zero

Running Time Line for rest of the world

Prologue: Unknown

Cŵn Annwn: Unknown

Rats in the Walls…: Unknown

Filth: Unknown

The Secret Sharer: Early Spring, 1379 DR. Mulhurand has completed the conquest of Unther (under the influence of the Black Pharaoh). Baldur’s Gate under siege of the Rat plague.

Almayar’s Folly: Late Spring, 1379 DR. Mulhorand prepping for war against Thay. Amn and Calimsham have begun a “cold war” vying for trade routes. Amn has entered the Sword Coast under the guise of protector. Waterdeep has done the same, but has backed down under Amn’s overwhelming force.

The Rescue: Early Summer, 1379 DR.

The Inheritors: Mid Summer, 1379 DR. Mulhorand increased the mining of Chaos Stone, and the construction of black pyramids.

The Shadow Line: Mid Summer, 1379 DR. Baldur’s Gate succumbs to the Rat Plague. Amn has sealed off access from the city, and only sanctioned persons are allowed in. The rats have begun gnawing into the earth, a huge gaping pit in the center of the city.

The Heart of Darkness: Mid Summer, 1379 DR. Adventure takes the players to another plane, but they can only discern it as “Pandemonium.”

An Outcast of the Islands: when the players emerge from the ruins of Nitzer’s ruin, the year is 1383 DR, spring.

The explosion of the Silver Knight occurs in mid autumn, 1383 DR.

The Sword, the Shield, and the Banner: Unknown

The Condemned: Unknown

The first and second blades: Unknown

Rabbit Hole, pt. I: Unknown

Rabbit Hole

After the battle with the flying giantess, the party made westward. Soon they came into a forest and there they found themselves surrounded by halflings…

… an unsteady stand-off occurred, until finally a halfling that spoke the Common tongue arrived – a one-eyed halfling, whom some in the party recollected in a past life as Pawls, the Black Dog.

Pawls had no recollection of the party (to no one’s surprise, as when they met Pawls, they inhabited different bodies), and did not seem to be anything like the Pawls they remembered. He seemed helpful and friendly. The party also met a satyr – Emrys, who served as the defacto leader of the tribe,

The party was taken back to the hidden village, and there they were resupplied, and Pawls told them of a once great city that had been “swallowed and folded in upon itself…”

Senones – the once Eternal City

Pawls will tell them of a place, deep and dark, where no good exist. This place once had many living souls, long destroyed by the Formor, and cursed by them through the power of the Black Pharaoh.

The party travelled to Senones, and only Bordy’s otherworldly vision allowed him to see the city. The city was folded in upon itself, existing in dimensions incomprehenisible to their minds. Bordy’s hand ripped through the fabric of space-time, and created an opening to the once Eternal City.

Senones has corruption, fell, and ruinous. Umbral.

In Senones, the party encountered huge creatures that resembled trees. After a long combat, the party was victorious – unsurprisingly.

The party retreated into a building for shelter and resting. In the building, they found three books, scripts that made no sense. Kelmar packed these away. The building was determined to be some sort of chapel, and surrounded by a graveyard. The party packed up and moved on towards the city…

The closer they moved, the darker it got… the party retreated from the darkness, and three black shrouded humanoids were upon them. They were able to defeat these creatures, and a giant rat-wolf humanoid sprang upon them…

The battle took its tool,but they party was victorious. The rat-wolf was wearing an amulet.

Amulet of Amile: amulet functions as a healing device. It stores 30HP, that can be used in any increment. This recharges on a long rest.

The First and Second Blades

Logan return and told the the others what he remembers: Memories of Karolus

He was also able to draw a rough map: Ääd

The group made their way to a “way point”, along the way they came across a group of humanoid creatures… pustules all over their bodies, guttural sounds, rag-tag arms and armor. They unfurled a banner, and began some sort of ritual prayer… Alaric tried to comprehend their language, but the divine powers he possessed proved to be no help. Logan went to approach them, and the humanoids turned and attack with feral ferocity…

… after the groups victory, they found a rusted blade, wrapped in cloth. Kalmar, thinking the blade held significance, purposely nicked himself with the blade, and developed an irrational fear… they had found Plouraunce, the fearing blade.

They continued to the way point, where they came upon a solitary tower, with no door and no windows. Use of magic allowed them to make their way to the top, where the found a door. They opened the door, and found through a series of trial and errors that both space and time were different based upon whether or not they observed from inside or outside. After an untold amount of time, the party all gathered inside of the tower, made their way down and found a forge. Standing at the forge, was a tall (9’ to 10’) man – the most striking man they had ever seen – weilding a blacksmiths hammer and pounding out silver. The Smith sensed them and attacked. After a hard fought battle, in which the Smith had some sort of power of compulsion and curse, the group overcame him… they found amongst the Smith’s possesions, a caged Deep Gnome – Bordy (later they learned that Bordy was from a place known as Oerth – the land of the great city of Greyhawk. Surely a mystery to be delved upon at a later date…). Bordy silver-handed, and silver-eyed. Similar to both the once Grom and Gustaf. bother wither-handed and wither eyed…

Whilst rummaging and sacking the forge, the Smith arose and fought the party again. They again were able to defeat him, and in a moment of clarity they remembered the Memories, and stabbed the fallen Smith with Plouraunce. The Smith melted away… perhaps finality… the Blade Plouraunce morphed into a shining, Golden Blade – Munyfycans.

The party, now with a new companion – Bordy – made for another waypoint. Along the way, they fought a magically changed bear (six legs, a horn, and ice and snow powers?!?!?), and came upon a much taller tower – 100s of feet into the sky. While looking for a way in, Someone spotted what appeared to be jellyfish floating down at them – shrieking and causing mental anguish. While fighting of these “jellyfish”, a tall winged woman flew down and pounced upon them.

They battle was hard fought, and she too, had the cursed powers of the Smith. She too had the same weakness to the Blade Munyfycans, and was dissolved by its killing blow. The blade then changed to sword with teeth: Savanguine, the jagged blade.


The Condemned

…with all the statutes now facing and pointing at “O”, the party will need to inspect “O”. On inspection (DC 15), they will notice that the limbs are not actually attached to the statue, they cannot pull the limbs away. Another inspection (DC 18) will reveal rope “burns” on the wrists and ankles of “O”.

The players will have to tie ropes to the appendages, and essentially quarter “O”. All must be pulled at the same time. Upon successful quartering, “O” screams…

The gallows… 12 hanged men (revenants) rush into the temple.

Upon defeat of the revenants, statutes B through M are now all in praying positions, facing the effigy. O has been ripped asunder. A is no longer mounted on his horse, but at the effigy, his face in tears, his right hand raised in prayer, his left upon the face of the effigy.

Logan sees that there is a “ghostly” image superimposed upon statue A. He touches it… and disappears… approximately 30 seconds later he reappears, but states he has been gone for a loner period of time… he begins to tell the party what he experienced…

The Sword, the Shield, and the Banner

After awakening from the blast, the party finds themselves not where they were… a stagnant land. There is no life to anything, but things are not dead. The clouds do not seem to move, the wind does not seem to blow. In the air, the faint scent of death…

It is a hilly area where they stand… the north mountains, to the south, dry scrub lands.

As they gather themselves, Gustav is not with them… no trace of him anywhere. Someone remembers a fleeting memory… an echo of thought…

“… we were once four, then three, and four again. We died, and in death were an angelic three. We fought, and were sent back, and upon arrival, the fourth was found dead…” and then the memory fades…

The party will make their way to the temple, and begin the investigation.

1. The deep well…

2. The gallows… 12 nooses.

3. In the temple, it will be deduced that the statue of Karolus is missing a sword, a shield, and a banner.

4. Noises in the well… the shield.

5. To the north of the temple, a mountain pass… the banner.

6. The sword can only be found by giving the banner and shield to statue “A”. …

Upon placing the sword, the shield, and the banner in the rightful positions, a wave emits from “A”, all statues stand, turn to face “O”, and point at him. “O” has turned, his back now towards the effigy, his sword now broken at his feet, and his arms and legs outstretched, like an “x”.

Out of the Frying Pan / Up and Over / the Plague / Death (again) <summation>

For Brevity (narrative lost)

  • Party found themselves in Amn.
  • Framed for crimes, and wanted in Amn.
  • Found a new companion with a secret – he had the arm and eye curse that afflicted the long dead Grom.
  • Found a secret mountain pass, that led to a Hill Giant steadhold.
  • Found a magic mirror in the streadhold, one leading to ice, the other to fire.
  • Used the mirror and found themselves at the base of a volcano, ran away from the Fire Giants.
  • Made their way to Tethyr, secured passage to Baldur’s Gate – which was under seige by Amn.
  • Found that Baldur’s Gate was not under seige, but under quarentine. Death was everywhere…
  • Entered BG, found an enclave of survivors.
  • The man running the enclave looks exactly like Nitzer, but does not have any of the mannerisms.
  • Party defeats “the Father”. seemingly ends the plague.
  • Party charged with escorting survivors to the north.
  • Days along the march, the party (and refugees) attacked by the Armored Men in Bronze, who also have a cart with a statue made of the “black stone”.
    a. each death of Man in Bronze, sent a spark to the statue.
    b. after all the M-i-B were killed, the statue awakened.
    c. after a long battle, and the party severely weakened and on the brink on death, Hasty Al launched himself (with pike in hand) in a last effort bid to destroy the statue. The pike pierces the statue, and an explosion occurs, engulfing all…
An Outcast of the Islands
Act II, Scene V

Mission: Survive… and find a way home.


  • Grom the Wretched, and his faithful wolf Grim
  • al-Mayar
  • Smizz
  • Murg the Insane

Major NPCs:

  • None

Minor NPCs:

  • None


  • An unidentified plane.


The party is on the “boat”, traversing throughout the plane. The party sees other “islands” in the distance, some below, some above – all are passed by…

… with no sun, no moon, no stars the party has no idea how much time passes. Finally the “boat” comes to rest upon a floating island, shrouded in a fog…

The voice of the Servant is heard: “Head to the center,” the Servant says, “there you will find the gate. I do not know what lies before you, I am not privy to those thoughts or dreams…” The party disembarks into a swirling mist, as soon as they touch the ground, the landscape changes… the party no longer stands upon the “boat” – in fact the entire planar ocean is gone, they stand upon a barren land, hard red ground and a deep purple sky. All four horizons are the same – flat and featureless. There is no sun, no clouds, no moon, no stars, no wind. Lifeless. Barren. Besides the party, there appears to be no life.

There is a howling wind, that blows simultaneous from all directions, this land is a land of madness…

The party traveled for an indeterminate amount of time – and in a flash, two giant status… the size of titans were suddenly in front of them. Two statues frozen in battle, one an orc, the other dressed in only what could be described is Mulhorandi. Just as fast, they were gone… Night and day happened like the flick of a switch – there was either light or night. In the darkness, fires did not illuminate the darkness.

The instant days and nights went by – each day bring a new “vision”: Bones… Battles… Large “tentacles” on the horizon that could only be seen when not looked at directly, until one day break saw them at the base of a giant pyramid, topped by a golden throne.

All around the party, an echo of an image of an army all bowed before the throne… and a giant ghost on a man in black and bronze strode towards them and sat in the throne… he thrust out his hand, and the army was blown away. The pyramid crumbles, a crater where it once stood, and in the basin, a pool…

The party crests a hill, and down below is a lake. Waves flow through the lake, in directions that do not seem possible, a swirling cacophony.

Voices are now heard…

The Lake of Voices

DC 18 Will, or run towards the lake and dive in…
Large Undead (Incorporeal, Psionic)
Hit Dice: 11d12 (71 hp)
Initiative: +7
Armor Class: 14), touch 14, flat-footed 11
Attack: 4 incorporeal touches +7 melee (2d6)
Special Attacks: Psi-like abilities
Special Qualities: Incorporeal traits, undead traits, unnatural aura, vulnerability to sunlight
Saves: Fort +3, Ref +6, Will +9
Abilities: Str —, Dex 16, Con —, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 15
50% chance to ignore any damage from a corporeal source, except for force effects or attacks made with ghost touch weapons.
Its attacks ignore natural armor, armor, and shields.
At will— concussion blast (two targets, 3d6) ego whip (2d4 Cha damage, DC16 Will for half. Failed save dazed for one round)
3/day- mind thrust (7d10, DC Will to negate 16*)
1/day— psychic crush (DC 13 Will, fail HP goes to -1. pass damage 3d6).
The save DC are Charisma-based.

Upon defeating the Caller, the waters calm, and in the center of the lake, a little patch of land (that was covered by the chaotic waves) is now visible.

The lake is shallow… or the water very dense, because the party is able to walk to the center without the water going above their waists. When they get to the island, there is a a stone circle, about 5’ in diameter. In the center of the stone, is a hole about 10" diameter, and unknown depth…

Grom’s new arm is the key. Once put in the hole, a lever can be grabbed and pulled, the circle will swivel open, revealing a ladder leading down… The party hears the music of flutes playing, as they go further down, the music get louder, and more chaotic… and then stops.

This place smells of rotten meat… garbage… filth… the passage way “east” looks as if it were gnawed, rather than mined.

The party fought its way through the entire warren, every size rat was encountered, including the dreaded mother. After hard fought battles, the party was able to muster up the power to kill the mother.

At the bottom of the warren, the party encountered… a “thing” playing a flute… a sort of chaotic mimic that kept switching forms, and attacked with both sound and pseudo-pods…

37 hp
3 initiative
AC 20
Attacks: 6 @ +8, 1d8
3 10’ reach
All saves +7
Special Attack: awful flutist, 2d6 no save
Special Defense: fast healing 2,

After the “thing” is killed, the body melts away, leaving only the flute behind. In the rear of of the room, a statue with many arms arrayed as if it were playing an instrument… In center of the room, a statute of a “something” with appendages extended, as if it were meant to hold something… The players place the flute in the statute, a loud note plays, and the walls and room disintegrate, and the rest of the “world” begins to melt away… … in a clearing. Where ever they were, it was dark, overcast, perhaps night. They made camp, and Murg, long quiet and somewhat maddened, spoke: the connection with his God was strong, they were home… As their senses adjusted, they smelled death. Following the scent just a few short moments, a wisp of smoke was seen in the sky, they headed towards it, and soon they came across a giant mollusk shell – a large hole in it’s side. Dead bodies strewn about – bodies of Nitzer’s guardsmen. They entered the shell, to find that inside was their “home”. After searching, and finding no survivors, they came upon Nitzer’s office – and within, the body of Nitzer. He had a hole the size of a grapefruit in the back of his head and nothing inside it. The Black Orb in Grom’s backpack rolled out of it’s own accord, became amorphous and went into the empty skull of Nitzer. The body lurched, the head lifted, the eyes popped out (to be filled by the Blackness), the mouth open and a piercing scream… a scream that shattered the walls of reality… of space and time…

… A great battle, three beings (amongst a larger host) engaged with a great evil, one’s greatsword piercing into the skull of the Elephant God. Another’s maul crushing through the torso of the Man Who Speaks with His Hands. And another’s magic blasting the Great Indescribable (a swirling Chaos, manifesting as many shapes, colors… thoughts and sounds… imaginable. Swirling in the center, and man in robes… or an amber armored man… or something else, laughs, screams, cries). The General of the host commanding an assault, that all of host concentrate of the Indescribable. The fight went on, more and more dying (one handed Tyr swallowed by yellow… the Flame incarnate Kossuth turned into a forgotten memory… Shar and Selune melded in a single cacophony of screams), until only the General, Arin, Hector, and Manus remained.

“We have failed again, my brothers. This realm falls to (undecipherable), as others countless times before. You must go, you must remember, you must not fail again… one of you stand with me, the other two retreat to the past (or did he say future). Go. Now!” A portal opens… two retreat through the collapsing portal, while the one reamining and the General occupy the action the Indescribable. The Indescribable becomes an infinite tower of pulsating limbs… becomes a single man… yellow cloth, blacked tentacles envelope the General. In his final act, through agonizing screams, he rips the head of offlutes the one hand who remained… and throws it through the portal, just as it collapses.

… three now stands in Nitzer’s office – their true selves revealed – the desiccated bodies of Grom, Murg, Smizzmar, and al-Mayar lie on the floor… a dead wolf. Nitzer’s withered body (sans face) upon the desk. A layer of dust… how long has it been?

The party moved, taking anything of value they could – books, gems, jars of liquid. All the while the faint whisper of a flute Three, alone in a forest, not knowing where they are… and tasting freedom for the first time since their awakened memories….

This marks the transition from 3.5/Pathfinder to 5e.

The Heart of Darkness
Act II, Scene IV

… Shortly after going below deck, the boat lurches violently. You can hear the sailors are all yelling and shouting at one another. The deck above echos with the sounds of feet running to and fro. Soon, there is no noise… then you hear a sole set boots walking on the deck…

The door to your room opens, and you see a ghastly sight before you… http://www.cenobite.com/library/hr5-draw01.jpg … It smiles and says to you “New passage has been arranged for you, please follow me.”

When the party goes top deck, the bodies of the sailors are strewn about, torn apart. The creature the leads the party to another ship, manned by nothing. Only the creature and the party are on the ship. Hours pass, and the ship docks.

“I shall now lead you to my master, do not be shocked at what you see…” The creature leads the party off the ship, onto the dock, in the distance a red tower stands. As the party gets closer to the tower, they notice the stone is not stone, but blood shaped into the form of a tower. They enter the tower, and go up the winding steps… higher and higher, until they reach an antechamber, barren except for a throne with a stone…elephant sitting upon it (http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/5381/chaugnarts6.jpg ). The creature motions for the party to enter the antechamber, and closes the door behind them.

The party, alone in the antechamber feels a chill… a chill of the soul… the elephant’s eyes turn a shade of red – blood red. The trunk raises – at the end of the trunk, instead of nostrils – a mouth.

The Being moves preternatural fast, its trunk lashing out and grabbing Grom by the throat..

“Steal from me?” it bellows!

It then drops Grom, who then rises with withered features: a hollow eye, an arm gimped.

The Elephant then speaks as it nothing happened. It tells the party that it wants the Heart in the Darkness, and if it retrieves it for “him” he will provide the party with a suitable replacement for Nitzer.

“I am the Horror from the Hills… the Feeder… the Elephant God!”

“Only I can release you from this plane, only through me can you find your way amongst the islands in the ocean of the night.”

He offers the party all the treasure they find, less the heart, a map home, as well as a Clear Ioun Stone for each party member, 1 keen weapon, +1 acid weapon (1d6 acid), spined shield, belt of strength +2, rope of climbing.

He then motions for the party leave his presence, and bids the creature to take them to the lair of the Heart (in the Darkness).

The party boards the strange ship they arrived on, crewed only by the creature. They notice that the sky and the water seem to be one and the same… in fact, it appears that maybe there is no water and the ship sails through the sky. This is confirmed when after an unconfirmed amount of time passes (as there is no sun, or moon, or stars…) they approach an island, but one that looks like http://i648.photobucket.com/albums/uu201/drig_photos/floatingisland.jpg .

The ship docks, and the creature states to the party, that they should venture straight from this point, and they will come to an inverted pyramid of the darkest black stone. They are to enter the pyramid, make their way to the top, retrieve the Heart, and return.

The party walks for a while, and they spot an upside down pyramid in the distance, as they get closer to it, they see it is actually floating above the ground, the inverted apex about 18 feet off the ground. About 200 feet above the apex (the inverted base) there is a door.

After numerous attempts to leave the pyramid, the party finally succumbs to futility and attempts to climb to the entry way. They toss Smizz, and as he approaches the apex, gravity reverse for him, but he does manage to land safely. They then use the rope to carefully manage to get the rest of the party from “here” to “there”.

  • Level One: Riddle Lair.

Upon entering the pyramid, the party is in a 10′ × 10′ room, a disembodied voice asks a riddle. After managing to answer numerous riddles, a room is revealed with a stairwell up…

  • Level Two: Maze Lair.

The party must traverse the maze to the next set of stairs, however unknown to them, there are 3 “clockwork” minotaur (same as regular minotaur, except for AC17, and HP50. CR shifts to 5). The party defeats the minotaurs, and navigates the maze… the find a ladder leading up to a hatch.

  • Level three, Final Level: Darkness.

The party enters the level, and enters into complete darkness. This a magical darkness that cannot be dispelled until the dragon is killed. A stench of rancid meat fills the air. Perception DC20 for each player…

XP 3,200
CE Medium dragon (water)
Init 6
Defense AC 21, touch 12, flat-footed 19 (
2 Dex, 9 natural)
hp 76 (8d12
Fort 9, Ref +8, Will +7
Immune acid, paralysis, sleep
Melee bite +13 (1d8
6), 2 claws 12 (1d64), 2 wings 7 (1d42)
Special Attacks breath weapon (60-ft. line, DC 17, 6d6 acid) once every d4 rounds.
Str 19, Dex 14, Con 17, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 10
Base Atk +8; CMB +12; CMD 24 (28 vs. trip)

… successful check allows the reflex save to be normal, failure results in -3 to reflex saving throw for the breath weapon attack. All combat is in complete darkness… all players miss 50% of attacks. The Room is not very large, therefore dragon cannot do flight moves.

Increase CR1 for fighting in total darkness.

After the dragon is defeated, the darkness fades. The players cut out the heart of the dragon and take it to the Elephant God’s proxy. She takes the orb, and presents another one to the party.


  1. Black Star Sapphire (800 gp)
  2. Fire Opal (1100 gp)
  3. Freshwater Pearl (11 gp)
  4. Red Spinel (130 gp)
  5. Red-brown Spinel (120 gp)
  6. Ioun Stone (dusty rose prism)
  7. Studded Leather (Medium) (+1 armor)
  8. 342 platinum, 207 gold, 118 silver.
The Shadow Line
Act II, Scene III

Mission: Follow the map, to the location of the gong. Retrieve the Heart in the Darkness, and return it to Nitzer.

Al-mayer – Human Wizard
Murgadin – Dwarf Cleric (Insane)
Beldor – Halfling Bard/Rogue
Grom – Dwarf Retard … erm, Ranger

The party has traveled to the location revealed by the map, they come to a clearing… a village destroyed, void of life, the stench of death, a miasma of chaos, and the wailing of the dead.

Bodies impaled upon pikes… and beyond the field of the dead, a black ziggurat.

The party defeated the undead horde, entered the antechamber, finding the gong, and hitting it with the mallet…

The Inheritors
Act II, Scene II

Bananas are tasty…

Mission: Find the city which holds the “Heart in the Darkness”, retrieve the Heart, and return it to Nitzer.

Murgadin – Dwarf Cleric
Beldor – Halfling Bard/Rogue
Grom – Dwarf Retard … erm, Ranger


  • Chultan Peninsula

Special Rules:

  1. Jungle Heat, all armor that provides +4 bonus or better requires character to consume a minimum three flasks of water per day or suffer d4 CON damage.
  2. Thick Jungle and undergrowth, all Wilderness Survival checks are at -4.
  3. Thick Jungle and undergrowth, all Perception checks are at -4, unless in “flatlands”.
  4. Disease, there is a 5% chance per day of contracting Red Ache (pathfinder pg. 558)


Shortly after leaving port, a fog rolls in – very thick. The sailors can be heard commenting on how they have never experienced a fog this thick this far south. The air becomes very still, the only sounds (aside from the sailors) is the slow, steady lap of the water breaking on the ship. Soon, even the sun is all but blotted out, the sailors even those standing but a few feet away become shapes in the mist… the steady sounds of the water even seem to fade, becoming an echo of what they were…

… each day is warmer than the last, and each night somehow darker. The deeper into the jungle, the more the still silence is noted.

After five days, and two tributaries, the river boat makes land. The guides state three days journey on foot, so the party (along with two guides, four porters, and four mules) head off… On second morning, the two porters who were on watch are found with their heads smashed in, and the mules are nowhere to be found. The remaining porters and the guides argue for turning back… and do so, regardless of the party’s directive. On the third morning, in the distance an unnatural structure can be seen…

Jungle Temple


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