Creating a new character (5e)

creating a new character:

1. Only races Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide (will still need to refer to PHB, however). (
Caveats – No Dragonborn, Tiefling (or Aasimar), Druegar (Dwarf Sub), Drow (Elf Sub), Imaskari (Human Sub), Svirfneblin (Gnome Sub), 1/2 Drow (1/2 elf sub).

2. All classes/Paths from PHB or Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide open except for: Monks of the Darkmoon, Warlock of The Fiend, Warlock of the Great Old One, Red Wizard, Assassin. (Remember, running a Good campaign.)

3. All backgrounds open.

4. Variant Option for Human (+1 to two attributes and a feat) will be used.

5. Variant Option for 1/2 Elves will be used (Sword Coast AG page 116).

6. Will use the Point Buy System. Beware dump stating! Minimum 9 INT required for reading and writing.

7. Characters begin with inspiration die (d4) equal to 1/2 current character level.

Creating a new character (5e)

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