Divided By Zero

Cŵn Annwn

Act I, Scene I


the Black Dog

Mission: A small hamlet is being haunted. This hamlet is a carriage way point / link in the supply line for Nitzer’s base of operations. Nitzer commands the group to stop the disruption, and bring the eye of the black dog.

Marius – Human Wizard 3
Murgadin – Dwarf Cleric 3
Beldor – Halfling Bard/Rogue 1/2
Grom – Dwarf Retard 3… erm, Ranger 3

Halfling Hamlet of Morton-under-Hill


  • The original group comprised of two humans, halfling, and a dwarf. During the “interview” process, of the humans proved to be less than appreciative of his rescue. Nitzer and his men made him more “pliable” by placing a stone in his head. The human convulsed, and slowly morphed into a dwarf… The others then noticed they all had scars on their heads as well… were they made pliable before?
  • Found some books with unknown writing. These were turned over to Nitzer…
  • Found a donut-like black stone made of unknown material. It was surmised that a gem was pried out of the middle. Perhaps a scrying device of sorts?
  • Discovered a strange glyph painted on the floor… Glyph
  • Found a disturbing statue – seemingly made of the same stuff as the “donut”… The Statue. The statue was in the center of a desolate clearing in the forest. The statue was found to have a single blue eye… a real eye.
  • Discovered the “Black Dog” was not a dog, but rather the nom de guerre of the inn’s proprietor, Pawls – the one-eyed halfling. Pawls apparently followed the party to the clearing, and attacked them as they popped the eye of the statue. Upon defeating Pawls, the party discovered he had a black stone in his empty eye-socket. When the stone was removed, the statue “howled/screamed”, and Pawls body began to rot – unnaturally. Why did Pawls wait to attack the party at the clearing?
  • After retrieving the stone, the Party headed back to the Hamlet… but it was not there, the forest continued. It was as if the Hamlet was never there…



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