Divided By Zero

Rats in the Walls...

Act I, Scene II


Mission: Retrieve the ebon skull from an ancient tower.

Marius – Human Wizard
Murgadin – Dwarf Cleric
Beldor – Halfling Bard/Rogue
Grom – Dwarf Retard … erm, Ranger

Desolate tower, on the cliffs by the sea.


  • A lonely tower, built near a sea-side cliff.
  • A magic mirror room, with the Ebon skull.
  • A dead man, with a hole in his skull – a hole made from something bursting out of his head…
  • Rats from the ceiling!
  • Rats with brains… Rats with hands that cast spells… Re-animated bodies filled with Rats… Undead Rats!
  • A tower that transformed into rats…
  • Rats!
  • An ebon skull, the skull cap was used to complete a section of a Orrey being built (or maybe repaired?) by Nitzer.



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